Yellow King Kong (5)
Yellow King Kong (5)

Yellow King Kong (5)

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Yellow King Kong Shrimp are said to be a mutation of a Taiwan Bee and Tiger shrimp, particularly a Tangerine Tiger and Blue Bolt. Not sure how that happened but however it happened, they are absolutely beautiful. You will receive a mixture of male and female juvenile shrimp. These Yellow King Kongs are home bred. 

Tank parameters are:

Temp: 68 - 72

Ph: 6.0 - 6.8

TDS: 120 - 150

GH: 3 - 7

KH: 0 - 1

 I use RO/DI water remineralized with Salty Shrimp Gh+ 

You will need to use a buffering substrate. I use Fluval Shrimp Stratum. 


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