Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp

Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp

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Cardinal Sulawesi Shrimp (Caridina Dennerli) are native to the lakes of Sulawesi, Indonesia. They are relatively new to the hobby (2007) and require a bit more experience to care for and breed which makes them hard to find for sale and come with an expensive price tag. 

These shrimp are absolutely stunning with a dark red wine color with white spots and white front claws which is why some call them white glove shrimp. Some will have blue spots instead of white. They are a bit smaller than Neocaridina and Caridina shrimp and at first can be a bit shy but once the colony grows they will be out and about at all hours. 

The aquarium set up for Sulawesi shrimp differ from the other popular shrimp species in the hobby. Instead of a tank lush with plants, Sulawesi shrimp are rock dwellers. In their natural environment Sulawesi shrimp mostly feed on algae and bio-film so a pile of porous rock such as lava rocks in the tank would make them feel more at home. Plants are still a good addition. They also require a high ph 7.5 - 8.5 so an inert substrate such as sand is a must. They require a temperature of 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit. IMPORTANT: When doing a water change, heat the water to the temperature in the tank before adding the new water!

As stated before, Sulawesi shrimp mainly feed on algae and bio-film but they will also need to be fed. I feed a variety of foods such as Shrimp Baby, Bacter AE, Mineral Junkie, and algae wafers but any shrimp food will probably work. I keep Sulawesi Rabbit Snails in my Sulawesi tanks, they come from the same environment and they will clean up the leftover food. Plus they are just awesome!

Quantity: 5 Shrimp.

Because these shrimp are more sensitive to temperature, we only ship Sulawesi Shrimp USPS Express mail. The shipping cost is calculated by your location.

 Water parameters:

RO water remineralized with Salty Shrimp Sulawesi 7.5

TDS: 150 - 200

Temp: 80-82 degrees

Substrate: Inter substrate such as sand