Christmas Moss
Christmas Moss
Christmas Moss
Christmas Moss

Christmas Moss

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Christmas moss is a very attractive type of moss. Christmas moss requires very little care and will take over your tank if you let it. Christmas moss can be attached to just about anything such rock, wood, etc. Christmas moss can also be used as a carpeting plant to cover the bottom of your tank or to make a tree. You can also just let it sit at the bottom of the tank.

Christmas moss is great for freshwater shrimp and fry. Shrimp, especially baby shrimp, and fry can use the moss as a good hiding place and to find food. I use Christmas moss in all of my shrimp tanks and firmly believe that moss is one of the keys to having a successful shrimp tank. 

I cannot guarantee that the plants will be snail free as I do keep snails in most of my tanks. 

You will receive a loose baseball size portion of Christmas moss.

Water parameters:

Temp. 65 - 77 F

ph: 5.0 - 7.5

Lighting: Low to moderate

Care: Easy


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